Avian Novak | 23 | Amber Heard | Demon | Hell Aligned


Avian grew up in hell with the few demons who had, and stuck by the side of satan himself. With a bit of dependency in her mind, she never attacked, explored, etc. alone. Though she loves scaring people - and of course, was raised in hell itself - she does not enjoy scaring people as much as the others had.

She now does enough fighting as she needs, but does love to get her hands dirty and be in the face of danger. Any chance to see the look of hatred on the others faces is quite an accomplishment.


Avian is often seen as someone who wants her way, but that isn’t exactly true. She prefers to be around others. She’s also rather clumsy at times.

Weapon of Choice:

Avian prefers to use close range weapons (Knives, swords, etc.) to interact with the face of the battle. Ever since she was young, she trained her nimble hands to fight, and is excited by it.

✖ The role of Avian is an OC, and therefore is taken.
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